Danica, left, with Angel who participates in Day Program.

In an effort to offer a Meaningful Day for the individuals served at ACT, Career Services and Day Program began last fall sharing an employee, Danica Duensing.

“It’s been fun to mix up the day with a new location and I always love getting to know new individuals,” Duensing says.

She has become a valuable part of both the STEP Program and the Day Program. Having a staff member cross-trained in two programs has benefitted both programs.

Duensing brings her knowledge of Career Services and supported employment to her job at the Day Program.

Duensing says, “I’m looking forward to seeing how we can bring some aspects of Career Services into Day Program. I’m working on a soft skills curriculum for our Day Program individuals who hope to some day work in a competitive wage job.”

ACT also has several employees working in both In-Home Services and the Day Program. Their familiarity with individuals made this transition to the second program a natural fit.

“As we continue to hire more staff under this model, we expect it to become the new way services are delivered between the programs,” says Craig Valone, Director of Day Program.

Taylor Widdisonis is currently working in both Day Program and In-home Services.

“He has been doing a great job!” Valone exclaims.

This approach creates an opportunity for individuals and staff to receive and provide services that more closely fit their needs and schedules.

It also allows individual to access services from multiple departments while keeping the flexibility and familiarity of having those services provided by a single staff person.

Staff benefit by receiving additional training and more variety in work hours and work location.

Adam Hays

“I worked for about 2 years doing in-home respite with a gentleman who also received support in the Day Program,” Day Program Supervisor Adam Hayes says. “I think he felt very comfortable with a familiar face.  Staff sharing is fast track way to accomplish ACT’s Vision, Mission and Values.”