Jodie modeling her new jacket.

Jodie modeling her new jacket.

How many people in today’s economy can boast that they’ve worked 20 years with the same employer? How do you celebrate 20 years of solid employment? Jodie thought treating herself to a steak dinner would be a wonderful way to mark the occasion.

Jodie started working at Otscon in 1995. She works full-time assembling brake parts. She enjoys it now as much as she did back then.

Otscon has been in Columbia since 1993. The company manufactures parking brake systems and brake pedals. Its customers include major car brands like Honda, Nissan, and Toyota.

Jodie takes a lot of pride in knowing that she has contributed to the world around her, especially when it comes to safety. When she notes that a new friend is driving one of the makes that Otscon works with she will say, “good car, I might have put together your brakes!”

“I like making money!” Jodie says. “And I like to spend it.”

“I have also met a lot of people working there. That’s the best part of my job, working with friends,” Jodie continues.

Otscon managers presented Jodie with a nice jacket that has her many years of dedicated service embroidered on the breast pocket. With the cooler weather, she has had many opportunities to wear it and she is quick to point it out, “See my jacket? They gave that to me for working there for 20 years! Isn’t it beautiful?” The pride radiates from her every time she puts it on.

Work is valuable. That simple and powerful fact is not lost on Jodie. Having purpose, getting up each day and earning a paycheck does tremendous good for attitude and overall happiness.

ACT shares in Jodie’s pride over her accomplishment, and wish her continued success in her career.