Day Program Manager Michelle Bell met one of the program’s favorite volunteers at an unlikely place, Sam’s Club in Columbia.

While promoting ACT through the Tigers on the Prowl campaign, Bell was introduced to Katelyn Sanders, Shelter Advocate/Youth Specialist at Rainbow House, also involved in Tigers on the Prowl, and her canine companion, Smokey.

Katelyn told Bell she found Smokey from the Humane Society and enrolled him in a Service Dog Training at Pet Smart.

The pair now frequent nursing homes on a weekly basis.

Bell immediately thought how much the people her program supports would benefit from Smokey’s visits. This was music to Bell’s ears!

Katelyn also loved the idea…now Smokey is a regular on the activities schedule.

“Everyone loves him!” Bell exclaims. “He is super sweet, friendly, and patient.”

Smokey offers some love and attention once a month for the program. And he is a hit!