Javion participated in the Seamless Transition through Enhanced Partnership (STEP) program at Boone Hospital during the 2015-2016 school year.

Weeks after completing his internship, he was offered a job as an orderly in the same department he interned in, Patient Care Support Services.

Javion held other jobs before his STEP experience. He worked at HyVee, Camp Salsa (a Columbia Public Schools work program), The Cottages (housekeeper), and Columbia Public Schools (janitor).

He had more work experience than any other STEP participant. But the program helped him develop more valuable skills, including interviewing and creating a resume. Now he’s starting a career at one of the nation’s leading hospitals.

During the internship, Javion excelled. He even approached his supervisor (only three months into the program) to inquire about getting additional certification.

Nine months into his current position, Javion is settled into his roles and has taken on other responsibilities. When needed, he works on the food line in the kitchen, post-anesthesia care unit, surgery waiting area, and sitter needs (sitting with patients who have dementia or Alzheimer’s).

“I like to work and I love my job,” Javion says. “I want to make my own money so I don’t have to rely on anyone else. Right now, I am killing it in overtime!”

Javion has a knack for soothing irritable, anxious patients. He transports patients where they need to go all day long. He works with every kind of patient you can imagine, including those who simply don’t want to be there.

Javion remains calm and collected in every situation.

“My department is fun! There is always a lot going on. I like that,” Javion says.

His enthusiasm for learning has not faded. He takes on extra training whenever he can. He is now MRI and Helicopter Pad Certified.

He is also enrolled in Moberly Area Community College, taking anatomy and psychology classes as he moves toward his goal of becoming a nurse.

“Javion is a self-directed and motivated employee. We are proud of his success and proud to watch him grow in his career,” says STEP Career Specialist Barb Wright. “He is proof of what STEP can accomplish for these students!”