Kyla, left, and Roman at the dining hall.

Plaza 900 is the largest all-you-care-to-eat dining hall on MU campus. That’s something to brag about.

They also have an amazing staff. Roman is proud to be among them.

Roman is a Columbia Rock Bridge High School graduate. He was also a STEP intern (read more about STEP here).

Shortly after graduation he interviewed for the job of part-time opener (morning shift) in the dish room.

Assistant manager Kyla says, “Roman went through the same process as anyone else applying for a job here, including background check, interview, screenings, etc.”

After landing the job, Roman has continued to impress his managers and co-workers.

“He has come so far during the last year,” Kyla exclaims. “His job coaches are down to coming for just a couple hours each day.”

One of his duties is loading and unloading the dish belt. It’s a two-person job, but Roman can handle it single-handedly. During the lunch rush the hall serves 900 to 1,100 people, so this solo performance is impressive.

Some of his success can be attributed to management at Plaza 900. Kyla, who holds a degree in event planning and business, makes sure she utilizes the expertise of ACT’s job coaches to ensure Roman thrives in his role.

“We work well together,” Kyla says of her relationship with the job coaches.

Roman’s motivation is also a significant contributing factor to his rock star status.

“I am working hard toward not needing a job coach anymore,” Roman says. “I like my job. And I really like getting a paycheck. I am saving up for a dirt bike!”