img_7066An intense game of cornhole, a friendly UNO rivalry, and laughter filling the air…an unusual scene for employees of the Shelter Insurance Claims Department. But on Friday, October 7, this was the case.

Activities Supervisor Kristin Cummins has been working on partnering with different companies and organizations to help build community engagement and inclusion.

Across town at Shelter Insurance, a Shelter Cares committee comprised of 4 employees, helps to organize various volunteer activities throughout Columbia.

“Our office tries to coordinate some type of volunteer activity once a month,” says John Lange, Claims Supervisor with Shelter Insurance. “We take pride in being able to help the community and are always looking for ideas and activities where we can volunteer.”

Lange, Cummins’ father, started discussing volunteer options for Shelter employees at ACT.

img_7065The two decided a game day paired with a grill out was a perfect way for the two groups to get to know each other and have a blast in the same time.

That ‘s just what they did.

As with any social gathering, the groups mixed and mingled. People gravitated toward what interested them and friendships were formed. Everyone had a good ole time!

“It is important for businesses to help their employees engage with their community. I love that Shelter does this!” said a long-time Shelter employee.

Game day was the first. It truly was a hit!

Cummins’ goal is to develop relationships with various community members and companies to schedule something fun with them once each month. The activities provide more interaction with people outside of ACT than we typically do through our day-to-day activities.

“Our groups go out in the community every day, but it’s difficult to build relationships. There are ties to the people who work at the locations we visit frequently, but it doesn’t go much past a goods or service exchange,” Cummins says.

Cummins is working on developing opportunities like this one in the future.  A sorority or fraternity will come to ACT to play carnival games at Day Program’s Halloween Party.

Partnering with local businesses and organizations through activities such as game day is a great way to connect people in the Day Program with others in the community. And it’s fun!

Thank you to the employees in the Claims Department at Shelter Insurance. It was a day many in the Day Program won’t soon forget.