Helping People Live the Life They Want to Live

ACT’s Residential Services are committed to helping people live as independently in the community as they are able. Our primary objective is to make sure that individuals are living in a safe, healthy, and happy environment.

Individual choice is the driving force behind our services.

Residential Services houses are nestled in surrounding Columbia neighborhoods, and we staff those houses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, according to individual needs. Our dedicated staff provide assistance with medication management, housekeeping, self care, financial planning, interpersonal relationships, cooking and nutrition and helping individuals access their community.

About Our Residential Services

The goal of our Residential Services program is to assist each individual to reach their highest level of independence by providing assistance and guidance in activities that we all encounter on a daily basis. Life is a learning adventure, and we strive to provide opportunities and experiences in the community that lead towards growth and overall happiness.

  1. We provide supports to people interested in different living arrangements: living in a traditional home with one or two roommates and onsite staff, living in an apartment with staff available on site, or independent living in an apartment with staff on an as needed basis. We are also open to exploring other configurations based on the needs and preferences of the people we support.
  2. Staff receive extensive training in these areas as well as non-violent crisis intervention, positive behavior support, medication administration, defensive driving, personal choice, abuse and neglect prevention, and CPR/ First Aid.
  3. All areas of assistance are identified through person centered planning and incorporated into an individual plan to help the individual reach their goals.
  4. Personal choice is essential to success! Individuals have input in where they live, who they live with, where they shop, meals, service providers, how they decorate, and what they do with their free time.
  5. We love to have families involved! Next to the individual themselves, families know their loved ones the best.

Benefits of ACT’s Residential Services

Our Residential Services offer significant benefits for the participants as well as their families.

Individual Benefits

Individuals are provided access to the community in a way that enables them to gain their independence so they can enjoy the community the way we all do. Each individual learns the specific life skills they need to be self-sufficient, strengthen family relationships, make new friends, and fulfill their lifelong dreams.

Family Benefits

Family members of individuals in this program are excited to see their loved one enjoying the community in ways they never could before. Families are able to rest easy, confident their family member has a stable, secure home and an active life of their own.

  • “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” — Winston Churchill

  • “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” — Walt Disney

  • “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.” — Brandi Snyder

  • “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.” — Edith Wharton

What Others Are Saying

  • My son began his journey with ACT Services through their Day Program and eventually transitioned into their Community Living Program. We take comfort in knowing his staff genuinely cares about his well-being and continuously provides opportunities to enrich his daily life. For that, we are extremely grateful.

    - Bill Oreskovich

  • Our daughter has been a recipient at ACT for over 25 years. We love the fact that ACT provides Supported Living, as well as a Day Program. We are fans of ACT!

    - Danny & Charlotte

  • I wanted to move out on my own with ACT Because it felt right and I knew ACT would help me to live more independently.

    - Crystal

  • Very pleased with staffing.

    - Participant Parent

  • I think staff is very nice. They care about me.

    - Chris

  • My family is very grateful that we found ACT because they have provided my brother with amazing opportunities and wonderful staff. The Staff at his house not only take care of him but they truly care about him. The most amazing part about his staff is that some of them have been with my brother for over 25 years.

    - Erica

  • I feel very safe in my neighborhood and love going to church with Demetrice.

    - Blake

  • I’m very happy having my son in ACT’s Community Living Program (Residential Services) with the Management of Mark and other staff.

    - Participant Parent

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