Scott Caldwell

Scott Caldwell

Schnucks is known for many things – great produce, great selection of often hard-to-find ingredients, and friendly staff.

What they may not be known for is a diverse workforce, a characteristic that makes the company an extremely valuable asset to the community.

ACT Career Services (ACS) developed a relationship with Schnuck’s in the 1990’s. ACS helped a job seeker gain employment. Twenty-one years later, he is still a valuable employee with the company.

Scott Caldwell, Co-Manager at the Columbia location, was there when he was hired. “I left to open a store in Jefferson City and didn’t come back for 14 years. Luckily, he was still here when I returned!”

The relationship between the grocery chain and ACT has been strong since.

“Schnucks is a great partner. They see the value of providing employment opportunities for the individuals we serve in the most integrated and supportive environment,” says Fontella Jackmon-Jones, Manager of ACS’s Community Employment Services.

In the fast-paced, high demand world of retail, businesses face many challenges to remain competitive and make a profit. Schnucks has succeeded by focusing on holding on to their valuable employees. They adjust roles to ensure employees’ work responsibilities and duties align with their skills while continuing to meet customers’ needs.

Jackmon-Jones says, “Our partnership with Schnucks is important and vital to the services ACS provides individuals with disabilities.”