Sandra Thompson on her bike.

Sandra Thompson on her bike.

The ACT community welcomes our new Account Clerk, Sandra Thompson!

She now handles accounts payable, payroll, “and anything else they ask me to do…,” Thompson says.

Sandra has lived in Columbia most of her life with her “awesome” husband. “He spoils me rotten and has made me believe I deserve it,” Thompson jokes.

Her family also includes a 29-year-old daughter, a 16-month-old grandson, and a 10- year-old Yorkie.

Thompson brings over 25 years experience in various business and accounting roles to ACT. “I’ve done it all,” she says.

Prior to her accounting work, she served 12 years in the military.

Outside of work, Thompson sells Pampered Chef and loves riding on her motorcycle with her husband, who taught her to ride. In June she’ll be exploring the Ozarks in Arkansas with friends from her motorcycle club.

Thompson was hired in ACT’s Financial Department during a period of great change. Despite the shifts in personnel, she feels confident in her program. “We are a good team. We are all on the same page in that we want to make ACT a better place and are headed in the right direction with this group.”

ACT is glad to have Thompson and the depth of knowledge in financial management she brings.