Since Abraham was 18 months old he has loved to swim. He’s good at it. His mom, Ashley Williams, says he taught himself.

“He started with the doggie paddle. Then in a short amount of time, he progressed to swimming the distance of the pool,” Williams said. “It is like therapy for him. The pressure and the total body workout soothe him. In the water, he is calm and happy.”

Abraham comes from a family of five. Williams says the price of admission to the pool is a cost that simply could not fit in their family’s budget. In-Home Services Program Manager Tara Shade was able to access funds raised by ACT through CoMoGives to purchase a summer pass to the City of Columbia’s outdoor aquatics facilities.

“I’m so thankful that ACT has been able to assist families in accessing activities that provide increased opportunities to participate in the community as a family,” Shade says. “CoMoGives funds are not only increasing the amount of time Abraham is participating as a community member, they are also providing him more opportunities to engage in an activity where he has found success.”

“This pool pass is essential for him,” says Williams. “He gets tired of other activities; but not swimming.”

Abraham, nine, has autism and is non-verbal. At times, he displays some aggressive behaviors. He has received In-Home Services from ACT six days a week for three years.

“Without support from ACT we would be lost!” Williams exclaims. “It provides necessary services from a person who is knowledgeable about the supports he needs.”

ACT staff, Meiko Williams, works with Abraham on communication skills, along with safety and boundaries in the community. And, of course, they swim…a lot.

Williams continues, “It can be challenging to have a kid with a disability, especially when you have other small children. As a bonus, ACT services give this mom some relief.”