Myles and his family, from left: Blake, Myles, Lora and Jackson Hinkel

Myles Hinkel has served on the ACT Board of Directors since August, 2015.

Hinkel, a University of Louisville graduate, has served on numerous boards and committees of local non-profits whose missions included changing lives for the better.

That is what drew him to serve at ACT.

“I’m all about inclusion and independence,” Hinkel states. “As the father of a child with special needs, I know how critical it is that organizations like ACT continue to provide services that allow people with all abilities to become the most productive citizens they can be.”

Though some might say it’s the snacks that are served, Hinkel says it’s the satisfaction of helping others and the collective expertise of fellow board members that keep him engaged in boards.

As Director of Development at the Missouri United Methodist Foundation, Hinkel brings fundraising and community engagement expertise to the ACT boardroom.

He is also well connected to many people in his hometown (Columbia), and he has a good feel for what’s going on in the City.

Hinkel is married to Lora, a Teacher and Speech and Language Pathologist. They have two boys, Blake and Jackson, and a dog named Oscar. (Hinkel says Oscar runs the house.)

He enjoys jumping on the family trampoline, attending sporting events, and smiling. “Smiling is my favorite,” he says.

A proud Columbian, he enjoys the local restaurants (Murry’s is his favorite), sports venues, and the outdoor trail system.

“Like many CoMo folks, I also really enjoy the parking downtown,” Hinkel jokes.

But his favorite thing about Columbia is its philanthropic spirit.

“What a wonderful community with generous hearts providing top notch resources for all of its citizens,” Hinkel says.

Thanks for choosing ACT, Myles! We are glad to have you on our board.