Mark Hassemer

Dear Friends of ACT,

The New Year is upon us. We look back on 2017 with pride in many accomplishments. But now we’re looking forward to 2018 with great anticipation.

As you look forward, we sincerely wish each of you a happy and successful new year.

As I have said here before, I am gratified that the team around me is one that is not satisfied to stand still. While we’ve done much in 2017, it’s clear that taking too long to bask in the glow of past successes is not in the cards.

For now, I’ll keep quiet. But soon we’ll announce some exciting changes that are taking shape.

While we are saying a fond goodbye to a couple of good people (Kalynn and Brian, we wish you all the best), in the words of a former football coach, we are not rebuilding, we are reloading. We are excited about our team, and look forward to reaching more people where they live with the services they need and want.

This is going to be fun.

I will mention one thing today that will be of particular interest to readers: we will start in 2018 to bring this newsletter to you on a quarterly, rather than monthly, schedule.

We’ll also be making a shift in our social media presence that acknowledges how people typically receive and access information. By doing so, we think we’re tuning up the frequency and volume of the content our stakeholders want.

Thanks to each of you for your support and keen interest in our work during 2017.

We’re taking steps to make 2018 even better. We wish you a wonderful 2018, full of health, happiness, and well-being.

Until next time,