Shannon Bowman, Store Manager

Shannon Bowman, Store Manager

In April, a former ACT Career Services (ACS) Career Specialist approached Children’s Place in the Columbia Mall about diversifying their workforce.

Mariah was hired at the children’s clothing store the next month. She’s doing a great job.

Since then, a new store manager, Shannon Bowman, has come on board. He is thrilled with the relationship developed with ACS.

“Mariah is fantastic about completing other duties as assigned. And she never has to be asked twice, even if it’s something she’s never done,” Bowman says.

As Retail Sales Associate, Mariah folds and hangs clothes, greets customers, operates the cash register, and assists customers.

Mariah, a quiet person, struggled at first with customer service. She used every interaction with customers and coworkers as a chance to improve her interpersonal skills.

As any great supervisor would do, Bowman uses Mariah’s strengths to make store operations the best they can be.

“Shannon gives Mariah opportunities to use her skills,” ACS Supervisor Suzan Schuetz says. “Mariah is organized and methodical, traits that enable her to excel at product and sign placement, as well as product straightening, sorting, and facing.”

Bowman has been Mariah’s biggest supporter, providing guidance, instruction, and honesty about expectations. He has shown dedication and patience while introducing new skills, giving her time and opportunity for plenty of practice.

When Mariah requested more hours, he worked hard to fulfill her request while working intensively with her on the specifics of certain tasks.

As Mariah has grown more confident in her position, Bowman and other store associates have been working collaboratively with ACS to formulate and implement a plan for the gradual reduction of services ACS provides.

“Because of the clear and consistent communication with Bowman and other associates, it truly feels as if we are on the same page providing supports to Mariah,” Schuetz says. “It is great to have a connection with The Children’s Place. We are looking forward to continuing and building on this collaboration.”