Dawn, left, needs a desk chair. 

It is a harsh reality many of the individuals supported in ACT’s Community Living (CL) face, living month to month financially.

Quality, affordable housing is the biggest ticket item people in the program need.

The cost of living continues to rise but incoming funds do not follow this trend. Many times, CL Managers are scrambling to find a new home for the men and woman they support after getting a rent increase notice that’s effective immediately.

On high demand are smaller household items – pots, pans, crock-pots, spice racks, silverware, blinds, cleaning supplies, sheets, towels and toiletries.

Art, decorations, curtains and accent rugs could give some of the houses a little cheer.

Some larger items are also in demand. Dawn, an individual supported in CL, could use a desk chair and some houses could use some fresh carpet and paint.

Living room furniture, deep freezers, refrigerators, laminate flooring, fans, floor lamps, humidifiers and vacuums are things that also make this list.

If you would like to donate any items, or have rental property, we would love to hear from you.