The Day Program Thanksgiving feast.

There is never a shortage of fun in the Day Program and this certainly holds true during the holidays.

For Thanksgiving, everyone feasts on a delicious meal – Turkey and all the trimmings. ACT’s building is packed with hungry people eager to dig in.

A special play was also performed called Terry and Tom the Turkey.

At Christmas, 2200 Burlington is a buzz with holiday spirit. Secret Santas are busy wrapping presents and Activities Supervisor Rachael Jackson and Activities Assistant Nancy Beatty is planning an afternoon filled with games and fun, including a recent hit ‘saran wrap ball’ (various prizes are wrapped in a ball of plastic wrap).

Christmas Trivia, festive snacks and caroling are also on the docket.

The program will ring in the New Year by having special guests Father Time and Baby New Year (the two eldest participants of the Day Program, Larry and Ruth), along with bingo and movies.