img_7293Each year, the Day Program throws a Halloween party. This year they got help, which the made the occasion bigger and better!

Women from the University of Missouri Gamma Phi Beta sorority came to ACT in two shifts to lend a hand in all the activities.

The Activities Coordinator, staff, and mentors are usually scrambling to coordinate the games. This year they were able to enjoy the activities along with individuals in the program.

Day Program Mentor Danica Duensing helped coordinate the students coming to ACT to volunteer. She is the Alumnae Chapter President and Ritual Advisor for the sorority,

Community involvement for sorority members means points. And points mean room img_7290choice at their sorority house. That’s a big deal when you live with hundreds of other people.

One group of ladies came in the morning from 9:30 to 11:00 am. A second group came from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm.

The women got right into the action and engaged with everyone. They were dancing, running different activities set up throughout the program areas, and having a great time!

The favorite games of the day were bingo, cake walk, bean bag toss, face painting, the craft table, pin the eyes on the pumpkin, and adapted musical chairs, which just turned in to a big dance party, said one of the sorority members.

img_7288“It was so fun!” said a sorority member. “In high school, I did similar volunteer work. It made me happy to do it again now,” said another.

The extra hands were a huge help, much welcomed by everyone in the Day Program.

Thank you, Gamma Phi Beta ladies, for making this party a truly spooktacular event.