For six weeks this summer four high school seniors participated in a Summer Work Program sponsored by ACT and hosted by the Country Club of Missouri (CCMO. The teenagers worked in various positions at Country Club of Missouri (CCMO).

Compensation for their work was made available through funds provided by Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). The program allowed ACT to employ the four participants. They applied and interviewed for their jobs at CCMO. Once hired, they were paid by ACT for their work.

This program targets high school students who are prepared for full time work upon graduation. They have experience, skills, and the will, but need a more substantial experience on their resumes. VR assesses the individuals and refers them for the program. Agencies like ACT work to find employment, provide proper supports, and then issue their pay when the work is done. In addition to the on-site component, the students also met once weekly in a classroom format to explore employment skills

One person was hired for golf course maintenance. Another performed clubhouse housekeeping. The other two did pool and tennis court maintenance.

Two of the participants enjoyed the work so much that they sought part time employment at the Club at the Program’s end. Both were hired on the spot. One for the same job he had throughout the summer, the other student landed a different position that her and the CCMO staff agreed was a better fit.

This is the first time ACT has participated in this program. It was such a success, ACT plans to participate again next year.