Preparing for the big leap out of high school is a major endeavor, especially if you have a disability. The Columbia Transition Team (CTT) is a partnership of area agencies (including ACT) serving people with disabilities. Its aim is to ease the path through this stage in life.

The team meets monthly to discuss strategies and ways to improve transition services for students and their families.

To meet the needs of everyone involved, subgroups were formed e.g., Teacher Group, Student Group, Parent Group, and others.

Tara Shade

Tara Shade

Tara Shade, Manager of PA and BDS, is currently Chair of the Parent Group. Manager of ACS, Fontella Jackmon-Jones, is a Parent Group member, too. She recently attended the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Transition Institute at the Lake of the Ozarks Tan-Tar-A Resort. .

The training is a three-day event that addressed transition services related to The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), and strategies to achieve goals set by the Act.


Fontella Jackmon-Jones

“The conference was an eye-opening experience,” Jackmon-Jones says. “I signed up for sessions out of my area of expertise, so I learned a lot!”

University of Missouri’s Pre-Employment Training Services, Recovery to Re-entry, and Family Engagement from High School to Adult Life are some of the sessions Jackmon-Jones attended at the Conference.

“I gained so much about interventions that can be provided before individuals walk through ACT Career Services doors,” Jackmon-Jones says.

Conferences have a way of making you return to your professional with renewed passion. Now Fontella is ready to apply her insights to both CTT and ACT.