It’s pretty amazing when you have a dream and it comes to fruition.

For a long time Elizabeth has wanted to go to California to see where her favorite show is taped.

Working hard at Walmart in Columbia, she saved for several months for her travels. Getting promoted along with a pay raise only helped her cause.

By September, she’d bought her tickets and made up an itinerary. Then she and Community Living Program Supervisor, Vicki Schulte, took off.

They took in as many things as they could during one week in Los Angeles. First on the list was seeing where all the action takes place. She had a VIP pass to Warner Brothers Studios where she toured movie and television show sets.

They saw two of her favorites, Big Bang Theory and the Ellen Degeneres Show were two of her favorites they saw.

Elizabeth and Vicki also visited the famous downtown Hollywood and Walk of Fame.

“I got a picture of LL Cool J, Whoopi Goldberg, Hugh Jackman and the cast of the Hunger Games’ handprint and footprint!” Elizabeth says.

They also hit the city’s major theme parks, Universal Studios, Disney Land, and Sea World.

Elizabeth at In and Out Burger

They got VIP status at Universal Studios, where they rode the Jurassic Park and Transformers 3D rides.

At Disney Land, Elizabeth shopped till she dropped. She and Vicki had a blast in Downtown Disney, ending the night by devouring a nice Mexican meal.

Sea World was one of Elizabeth’s favorites! She got the rare opportunity to swim with dolphins, one of her most-liked animals.

“You know what I got to do? I had to touch baby squid to feed the dolphins!” Elizabeth laughs. “I also had to wear a wetsuit and shoes.”

Elizabeth also got to check off a very memorable first: she saw the ocean. One was not enough. The two explored several of the southern California beaches, including Laguna Beach and Newport Beach.

“I walked in for the first time and nearly fell. It was funny!” She says.

The two also visited the Griffith Planetarium and the California Science Center where they saw an actual space shuttle.

In and Out Burger and Ben and Jerry’s are just two food stops that kept them going on their non-stop, adventurous vacation.

“I had a wonderful time,” Elizabeth says. “We had a whole lotta fun!”