Last year the Department of Labor (DOL) rolled out new pay requirements for how businesses must pay salaried full-time employees.

ACT’s Community Living (CL) program responded accordingly. Ten Supervisors were promoted to Manager, and two Managers were promoted to Assistant Program Directors.

Even though the Labor regulation was halted, CL decided the changes they made were a step in the right direction.

Don Lafferty

“We felt it was a positive move. So regardless of the DOL, we wanted to stick with our decision,” CL Director Don Lafferty says.

To start the process, the previous CL Supervisors had to apply and interview for the opportunity. The competition was stiff but the best ten candidates landed the positions.

And they weren’t just given a title change, now every manager’s umbrella of responsibility includes two CL residences.

Mark Pickett

“I am very thankful. Things are going well for me in this new position,” newly promoted Manager Mark Pickett adds.

There was a period of adjustment as employees settled into their new positions. Overall, everyone likes the new structure.

“There has been an attitude change and a recommitment to what we do,” says CL Assistant Director Carrie Griffith.

Carrie Griffith

To ensure long-term success, the program is focusing on recruiting more direct care staff and providing proper support to employees.

Vicki Schulte

Newly promoted Manager Vicki Schulte adds, “I was very pleased to see ACT take a very proactive role in complying with the new DOL rule. This is what I like about ACT, Mark and his administrative team are always trying to stay a step ahead and be leaders in the professional community. I think it is too early to see how this will truly impact me personally, but I like what I am seeing so far.”