Chris Temporal, an RN for ACT who has made providing the new service in Day Program possible.

Imagine for a moment that you can’t leave your home for fear that a medical complication might arise while you are out.

This is a reality for many local people with disabilities. It limits their participation in the community.

Now, thanks to a new service funded by the State called Medical Exception Exceptional, the Day Program will be able to give more specialized medical care to individuals who need it.

The funding allows day habilitation programs to “provide enhanced services as prescribed to meet medical needs which require the following: services from a Certified Nursing Assistance (CNA), services from a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse…or for help with mobility needs.”

This service is intended to promote individuals’ ability to access community-based services and integrate into the community to the fullest extent possible.

ACT’s Day Program can now have a CNA or RN available at all times in-house. He or she will accompany each group that leaves the building with an individual who needs additional medical attention.

The result: more people with disabilities will connect with the community. More barriers to inclusion and participation are removed.

There are currently two individuals who attend the Day Program whose participation was limited. Now they benefit from this service.

Day Program Director Craig Valone says, “several more people are in the approval process as we continue to transition to a more effective model of medical care at the Day Program that will allow even more individuals to be an active part of the local community.”

The day program will be hiring even more CNAs!

We are excited about this opportunity to expand our services and the horizons of people we support.