Dawn with Miss Missouri at the State Fair.

Dawn with Miss Missouri at the State Fair.

Within the first week of moving in to town, Dawn visited her mom in Moberly for the first time in three years!

“This was huge for Dawn. She was very excited to have that opportunity,” Community Living (CL) Supervisor Hannah Prince says.

Dawn, who was living in Kansas City, first visited ACT’s Individualized Supported Living (ISL) in May. She then chose Columbia to be closer to her family and guardian.

“She loved the house and Abby [who also lives in the house] from the start. It helps that Abby and I made cookies before she got here!” Prince jokes.

It is no wonder Dawn gets along with Abby so well. They have very similar interests.

Dawn with Abby after a swim.

Dawn with Abby at Stephens Lake Park.

“I like jewelry, dressing up, shopping, going to the mall, swimming, and watching TV. So does Abby,” Dawn says.

“They became fast friends!” Prince observed.

It’s been a month since she moved in. She has settled in nicely. Her room is decorated and the new roommates have already settled into a routine.

“Dawn typically joins Abby watching Wheel of Fortune and cheering for a specific contestant,” Prince says.

They’ve been busy, too, having some summer fun.

“We have been to Stephens Lake Park, the swimming pool, the mall, and the State Fair!” Dawn says.

Welcome to ACT, and Columbia, Dawn! We are thrilled you are here.