IMG_0001Crystal had been considering moving out of her grandma’s house in Boonville for years. But nothing ever fell into place. A month ago she met with Community Living Manager Carrie Griffith and decided to she was ready.

“This time it just felt right,” Crystal says. “I wanted to move because I knew ACT would allow me to live more independently. The house is beautiful and is really accessible.”

Crystal has used a wheelchair since she was four years old. Being able to maneuver around a house is a must.

“I am absolutely thrilled with the bathroom because I can actually get into it…I hadn’t been able to take a shower independently in over ten years!” Crystal says.

Weeks later she was all settled in. Her impressive collection of Disney princesses and framed accolades decorate her room.

She has also already taken a trip to Kansas City to see Disney on Ice, a trip she never thought possible.

She is not only teaching herself about her abilities by doing things she never thought she could do. Everyone who works with her at ACT is learning, too.

Crystal plans to join ACT’s Health and Safety and Accessibility committees, visit the Kansas City Zoo, tour Branson, and make new friends in her new city.

“I am anxious to get around Columbia! I would like to go to see a movie. I haven’t been in 10 years!” Crystal says.

Before living in Boonville, Crystal lived in Texas, where she graduated high school with honors. She loves gospel music, Disney movies, and Facebook.

She is very close with her grandma, who always encourages her. It was her grandma who urged Crystal to publish her book of poetry called Inspiration From Above.

Crystal says, “After it was published, my grandma called the local paper to tell them. It was then front-page news! Representative Caleb Jones sent me the newspaper clipping congratulating me.”

The poem and letter hang framed on one of her walls in her new room.

Grandma was also thrilled when Crystal chose to move to ACT. “My grandma says I am meant to be [at ACT]. She knows there is a bigger purpose for me here. My joining the committees to add perspective is proof.”

We agree.

Crystal continues, “I am thankful for this opportunity. I absolutely love the staff and my new home.”