You may remember Crystal. We introduced her to readers when she first moved to Columbia and in to an ACT supported home.

After settling in at her new house, Crystal had big plans, places to go, people to see. But one piece of the equation was missing. She had limited means of transportation.

Every residence in Community Living (CL) has access to an ACT vehicle, however Crystal, who uses a wheelchair, needed a ride that’s accessible. If purchased brand new these automobiles can be pricey. To stay in budget, they had to be savvy shoppers.

After some research, Crystal and her roommate Lindsay found a van that checked all the right boxes, a 2005 Toyota Sienna.

The minivan is equipped with a mechanical lift and electric doors. Crystal can get in and out on her own with ease. And the front seat pops out easily so they can take turns riding shotgun.

The van took the pair to St. Louis in November to see Santa’s Magic Kingdom, a Christmas lights display. Lindsay has used the van to go shopping. And Crystal took it to visit her grandma in Boonville.

“Winter is hard on my body so once it warms up, I look forward to getting out more,” Crystal says.

She is planning to go to the Night to Shine Prom in February, the new Beauty and the Beast movie in March, and The Lion King production in St. Louis in April.

Community Living Manager Samantha Kathke says, “The van is great! Both of the ladies love having it.”