As Crushed Red, the “Artisan Fast” restaurant, was preparing to open, Career Specialist Amber Sartain swooped in to introduce them to ACT Career Services (ACS).

“I heard about how Crushed Red was having walk-in interviews. So I called and asked if I could come in for a different kind of interview. I briefly explained ACS and they put me on their schedule to come in,” Sartain explains.

Then two weeks after the restaurant opened an individual ACS supports got an interview with Rob Lukitsch, a minority owner. Now she has a job there and is thriving.

Crushed Red opened last September at 2540 Broadway Bluffs Drive in Columbia. It is a fast-casual dining experience featuring pizza and chopped salads.

“It has been great to work with ACT,” Likitsch says. “We believe in giving people a chance if they fit our system. She has proven herself to be a reliable asset to our team.”

ACS Job Coaches report that the Crushed Red managers are “very quick to respond to any needs from the employees and are very understanding.”

“Rob has been a great partner. The individual hired there really enjoys the environment and other employees,” Sartain says.

We think this can be attributed to the supportive and thorough management style.

Sartain adds, “Rob takes time to stop and see how things are going, as well.”

Employee success is almost guaranteed with this type of leadership.

Welcome to Columbia Crushed Red. Thank you for being a valuable community partner.