Dennis Collier painting a wall.

For the past several months the ACT building at 2200 Burlington Street has been under construction.

When the work is done we’ll have new and improved program areas for Day Program, more office space, and a new training center.

Space that was used for the recycling program was converted into a program room and a media center. The media center will be equipped with exercise equipment, computers, a large screen TV, and seating.

The construction will also create a new program room for the Purple Team. The new training center is going in where the Purple Team program room was located before.

Also, every room in the building is getting a new coat of paint. Old wall coverings are being removed or replaced. Each program room will be equipped with real-time electronic schedules that are updated as changes occur throughout the day.

This updated environment for the Day Program is a much-needed improvement, but the focus of the program will remain on active participation in the community (not inside the building).

Day Program Director Craig Valone says, “Over the last two months, 60% of Day Program activity groups are scheduled in the community. We are excited about having a building that more efficiently meets the functional needs of the program, while we continue to look at new and expanding opportunities to be in and a part of the community.”

The new training center will be used for block training (new employee training) and will allow us to conduct more frequent trainings needed to bring on new employees.

“Directly connecting the training center to the HR Training Specialist’s office will greatly enhance our ability to conduct trainings and provide high quality experiences for new and existing employees,” said Human Resources Director, Brian Tveitnes.

The training center will also be used for meetings (e.g., board meetings), conducting employment interviews, and for completing online employee trainings.

The space will be set up with tables and chairs that can be moved to suit the needs of users.

Valone continues, “There are a few items left on the list before we can say the project is done. But most of the large disruptions are behind us. I expect to be completely finished with the project by the end of the year.”

And we can’t wait to share the finished product with you!