Jayden goofing off for the camera.

Jayden goofing off for the camera.

Two months ago Karla Bevell received heartbreaking news. Her son Jayden, 5, has inoperable brain cancer, an optic pathway brain tumor located in the optic chiasm.

Jayden, who has participated in ACT’s Behavior Development Services, has been traveling to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis every week since the diagnosis. He receives two different types of chemotherapy treatments. He will continue this regimen for the next 18 months.

The travel, plus the medical bills, is a lot to handle for a single mother of three. Jayden has two sisters, Kyra, 10, and two-year-old Ally.

Funds ACT raised through the CoMoGives campaign have given the family some ease by providing them with a new washer and dryer. Bevell was toting all three kids plus her laundry to the laundromat to clean clothes.

Lori Dreyer, a Behavior Consultant who worked with Kyra in years past, is now working with Jayden. Dreyer says, “Due to his delicate and compromised immune system, it is imperative that Bevell keep their home as sanitary as possible. Mom was struggling taking three children several times a week to the laundromat. It was not a sustainable situation with Jayden’s medical condition.”

Community members stepped forward and helped the family with repairs to their

Jayden staying strong during a treatment.

Jayden staying strong during a treatment.

minivan. They also watch the sisters while Bevell and Jayden travel back and forth to St. Louis.

Jayden’s headaches and frequent blinking led Bevell to see a neurologist. Jayden’s MRI then revealed a tumor below his optic pathway.

Doctors told Bevell surgery would leave him blind and disrupt hormones in his body, causing many other issues. Their best option was chemotherapy.

Now, Jayden has a blood infection. He’s vomiting and has a high fever.

Bevell is taking it day by day, focusing on his recovery. She is grateful for the generosity of the community and ACT.

To follow Jayden’s Journey, visit his Facebook page, Jaydens Journey #TeamJayden.