Individuals served in ACT’s Day Program love going to the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) in Columbia. The facility offers a swimming pool, basketball gym, weight lifting equipment, walking track, and more.

But using the facility is not free. If a group of five or 10 people from the Day Program go to ARC all at once, costs get steep.

Activities Supervisor Rachael Jackson reached out to ARC management to see what might be done to make this activity more affordable.

The process was easy. Jackson simply contacted Parks and Recreation about getting an application. They sent it her way. She had it done in a couple of minutes. She sent it back with required documentation and was approved within two weeks!

“I was directed by them to contact Columbia Parks and Recreation to apply for a group financial assistance program. We were granted $500 in financial assistance!” Jackson says.

Using these funds, Jackson can purchase several ARC passes for people in the program.

Jackson says, “This allows individuals to swim and exercise locally without cutting into our budget or taking away other fun and exciting activities our individuals love to do. It will also help individuals meet exercise goals and allow for more community integration.”