After 27 years working for ACT, Charlie Burge retired at the end of December.

Burge worked in many programs including the Day Program and Community Employment Services. During the last 9 years he has been a Supervisor in Community Living.

Burge grew up in Ohio where he was a star athlete. His athleticism earned him a place on the University of Missouri football roster as a wide receiver.

After college, Columbia became his home. Soon after he began his career at ACT.

Burge saw many changes during his career at ACT. And he touched many lives.

“I helped so many people over the last 27 years here. That is my greatest accomplishment. That and going through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) approval process several times over the years,” Burge says. Becoming CARF accredited ( is a strenuous task.

Burge is looking forward to retirement and having time to relax. But he admits he will miss the daily grind.

“I will miss everyone. I’ve been here so long it’s like leaving family.”