logo_costplusfoodstoreNot long after the Cash Saver grocery store chain opened in Columbia, ACT Career Services (ACS) Career Specialist Dustin Murray knew James would be a perfect fit for the business. He approached David Ratliff, Cash Saver’s District Supervisor about working with ACS to hire individuals served.


David Ratliff

Ratliff never hesitated. “I was in need of a good, hard worker and he does a great job,” Ratliff says. “James always has a great attitude. If I’m having a bad day, James can turn it around with his smile and sense of humor.”

Cash Saver offers a new way to shop for groceries. You pay the wholesale cost plus 10%. Their store is located on Broadway in Columbia. They opened here in November, 2015.

David has 15 years of experience working as a manager for grocery stores. Before Cash Saver, he worked for the CNR grocery chain. At CNR, he worked with an agency similar to ACT to employ people with disabilities.



James currently works two days each week stocking shelves. David hopes to increase his hours as business picks up this summer.

“I would like to give him additional tasks as he gains more experience in the store,” David says.

It doesn’t hurt that James seems to be bringing in business. “He knows a lot of people in Columbia!” David says.

In the coming weeks David would like to hire another job seeker referred through ACS.

David knows the secret to success: take care of your customers and employees. James is no exception.

“In my experience, people with disabilities are appreciative of having a job. They just need an opportunity to prove themselves,” David says. “I don’t understand why more businesses don’t take advantage of this valuable segment of the population.”