ACT’s Career Services (ACS) helps people with disabilities accomplish their vocational goals, while helping Boone County businesses fill their recruitment needs.

To do this, the program must establish and maintain relationships with local businesses. The businesses provide many opportunities job candidates need to progress in their careers.

Businesses assist job seekers by providing informational interviews, offering job shadowing/job trial experiences, conducting mock interviews, providing volunteer work opportunities, and most importantly by hiring and promoting qualified candidates with disabilities.

“We are always working to establish business partnerships in all areas in which we provide support. Our overall goal is for individuals to obtain and sustain their career objectives,” says Program Manager Fontella Jackmon-Jones.

The program has a broad spectrum of business partners. Because of this breadth, they can provide support and opportunities to individuals who have a wide variety of career goals.

ACT’s business partners assist job seekers in making informed decisions about career goals and they provided individualized and real-world experiences in areas of greatest interest.

The partnership benefits the businesses, too. The businesses learn along the way. They often report they have gained a clearer understanding of how to best support individuals with different abilities.

Program Director Jessica Mahon says, “We recognize we have two primary customers, job seekers and businesses in the community.”

See the table below to find out how your business can partner with ACS and how it benefits from the partnership. If you would like more information, please contact ACT Career Services.

ServiceService DescriptionBenefit to BusinessHow your business can be involved
Career Planning


These services help job seekers plan for their careers.   We assist job seekers to identify strengths, interests, contributions, and the support they need to succeed.Job candidates have explored career options and decided on vocational goals that best fit their interests and strengths. Candidates have a better understanding of the various intricacies of different occupations.Provide job shadowing,

job try-outs, and

information interviews


Employment Preparation


The emphasis is on skill development needed. Skill training may focus on: attention to task, appropriate response to instruction and supervision, transportation instruction, attendance and punctuality, appropriate workplace interaction, work quality, production speed, problem solving, and others.Candidates have experience volunteering, and participating in internships. They have a more complete understanding of the expectations of potential employers.Provide volunteering opportunities and


Job Search


Assist job seekers with obtaining employment.   Support can include: job lead discovery, application assistance, interview support, job site analysis, and job offer negotiation.Candidates apply for positions that highlight their strengths as determined through their comprehensive career development. Career Specialists are available to assist with matching the businesses’ needs to the job seeker’s skills.Conduct mock interviews, review and critique resumes, interview candidates, and hire qualified candidates with disabilities
Job Training and Retention


Employees and businesses can receive support from an ACT Career Specialist once candidate is hired. Support may be provided at the business or away from the business. Support focuses on learning new job tasks and expectations, assisting with relationship development, establishment of task schedules, or other success factors.ACT supplements training provided by the business to help the new employee become acclimated to his/her position and work place. This promotes employment retention.Hire, retain, and promote job candidates with disabilities