Brianne Bond

Brianne Bond

Brianne Bond is sure she’s got an advantage over fellow college students studying in her field, thanks to her time working for the In-Home Services program for the past three years here at ACT.

“I’ve learned so much, and have been so fortunate for the opportunity here. A lot of college students my age haven’t had this kind of real-life experience working with people with disabilities.”

In-Home Services staff here at ACT assist both children and adults at home and in the community on gaining independence, developing essential life skills, and providing opportunities to practice social skills while accessing activities such as volunteering and desired recreational programs. Most In-Home Services staff typically work with one or two individuals on a one-on-one basis for 8-12 hours a week.

Brianne began working at ACT three years ago while home in Columbia for summer and winter breaks from college.   Brianne completed her undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences at Wichita State University last spring and, much to Program Manager Tara Shade’s delight, Brianne began full-time work as a Team Support Specialist (TSS) last summer.

Brianne has primarily provided ABA services to children receiving In-Home Services. She has worked collaboratively with both the Thompson Center for Autism and Easter Seals in various community settings. Beginning in June, Brianne will decrease her hours at ACT to part-time while she concentrates on pursuing her master’s degree in speech and language pathology at the University of Missouri.

“The relationships I’ve developed with individuals and their families have been my favorite part about working at ACT.” Brianne says, “I am sad to go down to part-time. I really do love what I do but I’m also extremely excited to fulfill my dream of becoming a speech pathologist.”