In 2014, we told you about special photo albums Community Living (CL) Assistant Director Carrie Griffith creates for each house in the program.

These books capture and highlight the year’s accomplishments in each house by portraying their trips, firsts, and celebrations.

They have now spurred a little competition; each house wants their book to be better than the others’.

The result? More trips. More firsts. More celebrations. More fun.

Barbi, who loves trains, planned two train escapades this year. She has taken three total now.

Her first one this year was to Saint Louis in May, after which she started planning her next ride, a trip to Kansas City to take in Barbi’s favorite store, the Crown Center Crayola Store.

In October, Barbi and CL Manager Vicki Schulte headed west on the River Runner Route train #316.

A must on the ride: a meal as American as a train, a good ol’ American hot dog.

“The trip was great!” Schulte says. “Barbi was all smiles.”

Once they arrived, they checked in to a hotel on Main Street. Barbi watched passersby on the streets below dressed in their Halloween costumes.

Then they hit the town. The duo headed to the Country Club Plaza to shop for what else but a book about trains. They ended the night by treating themselves to a meal at Tomfooleries.

The grand finale came the next day at the Crayola Store, where Barbi went on a little shopping spree. Then they boarded the #311 back home.

Barbi has already started saving money for her next train adventure to Chicago.

From left: Stepheney Brackett and Drew

From left: Stepheney Brackett and Drew

Drew has a love for Bob Barker and the game show that made him famous.

Drew knows EVERYTHING about them. He has even read Bob Barker’s autobiography several times.

So when the 44-year-old TV show hit the road and came to Columbia, it was a no-brainer. He had to go. And he did.

This was Drew’s second time seeing the travelling version of the show. It was at Jesse Auditorium on the University of Missouri campus.

Drew was accompanied by DSP, Stepheney Brackett. They had a great time.

They went for dinner before the show. “Drew got to pick the restaurant. So I urged him to pick something he had never tried before. He picked sushi.” Brackett says. “He loved it! I was happy I got to be with Drew while he experienced something new.”

At the show, they got the crowd warmed up with Price is Right Trivia. Drew’s knowledge really shone through. He knew all of the answers, even the ones about the host when the show first aired, before Bob Barker.

Though this show’s host is not Barker or the new star Drew Carey, the crowd knew the drill and got lively. Drew was no exception. He yelled out “higher” and “lower” and dollar amount bid suggestions for contestants. He didn’t get called on stage. But that didn’t discourage him.

“He had a blast,” said Brackett, “and he said so about 20 times!”

Seth has a love for medical equipment, especially otoscopes, a device used to examine ears.

Brackett, who works with both Seth and Drew, thinks this interest stems from his relationship with his mom, who is a nurse.

He has collected five of these instruments. He checks friends’ ears often. He has been known to disassemble and reassemble his doctor’s at every visit.

“His Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor says he knows more about otoscopes than she does,” Brackett says.

Several months ago he heard there was huge medical equipment store in Minnesota. He’s been planning a trip north since.

“This is all he’s been talking about,” says Brackett who accompanied Seth, along with Seth’s favorite DSP, Lolita Johnson.

It did not disappoint.

Seth, who loves to shop, saved up so he could purchase new medical items.

While they were there, the trio took in some other attractions nearby.

At the Mall of America, Seth got his fill of shopping. And he traveled across the United States in a flight simulator.

They also visited Paisley Park, the home of the late music legend, Prince. Seth enjoyed the hot tub and king size bed.

Seth tends to be a creature of habit. But this trip, it was all about trying new things. He even rode a camel!

“He was the most excited about the new medical equipment, and spending three whole days with Lolita,” Brackett says.

The three had better start preparing for the next trip. Seth got a tip from a medical store employee that their supplier is in Canada.

“I guess he needs a passport,” Bracket said.

Brackett said, “Our photo albums will not be boring this year. We are looking forward to a great, and cute, book!”