On August 1st, Community Living got a new family member and Ae’Shionne got a new roommate, Allan.

Allan is from Mexico, MO. He already knew his housemate, Ae’Shionne. They met playing softball in Special Olympics. They both love sports and are thrilled to be living together.

Allan says sports, vacations, and playing in the Special Olympics are his favorite things. He recently returned from Lees Summit where he played in a Special Olympics softball tournament. He had a blast.

Allan is very social. “I like interacting with people and making new friends,” Allan says.

He also enjoys working hard. “I like having a job where I am needed and being told I did a good job,” Allen adds. Allan works at McDonald’s.

He can’t wait to start decorating his room with posters of his favorite movie star, Al Pacino.

Welcome to your new home, Allan!