Accessibility Committee Chair Fontella Jackmon-Jones

In January we talked about accessibility and how it impacts peoples’ lives, allowing for inclusion and integration. But how?

Accessibility allows people to have an appropriate level of access to their communities.

ACT’s Accessibility Committee has been revamped and is eager to address barriers here at ACT.

The committee urges ACT employees and individuals served to contact a Manager or Supervisor to discuss barriers that affect the ability of an individual to obtain full access.

These barriers can then be reported to the committee where they will be categorized into the following – architectural, environmental, attitudes, financial, communication, transportation, and community integration.

They will then develop a resolution plan, give it a priority rating, estimate a cost to completion and funding source, give it a completion date, and assign a point person to the task.

Among other barriers, the committee is currently working to resolve some physical accessibility issues that were reported in a house in the Community Living program and educating new staff about the importance of accessibility.

This group is anxious to celebrate success stories. As the committee works on publicizing their presence, they want to illustrate how barriers were limited or removed at ACT to allow inclusion and access.

Chair of the committee and Manager of Community Employment Fontella Jackmon-Jones says, “We have addressed some barriers successfully but would love more feedback from ACT employees and individuals served. We are working on promoting the committee so everyone at ACT understands what all accessibility encompasses and what the committee is for.”

They also want to serve as a resource for the community. Accessibility should not only exist within the walls of ACT.

“The ACT newsletter is a great way to provide information and educate our stakeholders about the importance and supports in the area of accessibility,” Jackmon-Jones says.

The links below take you to website that shed light on why accessibility is important. They will challenge you to be more aware and become involved in supporting individuals with disabilities through removing barriers that limit their ability to fully access their communities. is an online resource designed to provide employers, people with disabilities, their family members, service providers, educators, and others with technical assistance on job accommodations and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The site itself is user-friendly offering a number of ways to find information, a site map, text size options, and a “How to Use This Site” page.