During the last three years ACT has raised over $50,000 through CoMoGives for people with disabilities.

Medical needs were met, lifelong memories were created, and first time experiences were made possible through this campaign.

CoMoGives is an online fundraising campaign that runs the month of December ONLY.

100% of the donations made to ACT through the CoMoGives website will go to ACT.  We can also receive additional funds through Challenge Grants (similar to fund matching).

ACT gives the individuals it serves the tools and support needed to be as independent as possible and active participants in the community. And that, in turn, strengthens the community as a whole. It’s important, necessary work.

This campaign is beneficial to ACT in many ways, including:

  1. More money means more opportunities for the individuals we serve.  More needs met. More first time experiences.  More people with disabilities living their life independently.
  2. ACT receives exposure in the community – even more so if we raise the most money out of the 114 local non-profits participating.  A moment in the spotlight to educate our community about people with disabilities.

Funds from last year have continued to be a lifeline for many people who receive ACT’s services

CoMoGives donations helped Gary, Dennis, Derrick and Kelly go to Camp Wonderland, an unforgettable experience for people with disabilities.

Josh at his new table.

Josh, who struggles with his weight, was able to buy his first ever kitchen table and chairs, and a pedometer. A behavior therapist suggested these items to aid him on his road to health. He is now down more than 11 pounds!

Gabrielle needs a particular vitamin not covered by insurance. She has it every day now thanks to CoMoGives.

Veronica bought a new mattress; Allan, new bedding and a TV for his new house.


Heath will be able to purchase a much needed appliance for his house – a washer and dryer!.  Upon moving into a new place, he quickly discovered the washer and dryer didn’t work. Now, he will be able to skip the laundry mat and wash his clothes in the comfort of his own home.  

The generosity of many in the CoMoGives campaign has inspired Heath to pay it forward.  When he is financially able, he intends to help others in need.

Barbi loves trains.  After taking her first trip on a train to Kansas City, last year her love for trains only grew.  She pointed to Chicago and said, “I want to go there next!”

She worked hard and saved for a year and almost had enough to go, CoMoGives funds made it possible.  Barbi was able to enjoy a 3-night stay near the Navy Pier, a ferris wheel ride, a boat ride, and of course, Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza. 

Minna also got the opportunity to travel thanks to CoMoGives funds – for her birthday, and for only the second time in her life, she spent the night in a Kansas City hotel and savored breakfast in bed.  She also got to take in everything the Kansas City Zoo has to offer! 


Because of the generosity of many through CoMoGives, many of the people we support will also now have gifts under the Christmas tree this year.  

Vicki Schulte, Community Living (CL) Program Supervisor, was able to buy Allen a new suit to wear to church, Seth will be getting much desired medical equipment, Drew fast food gift cards, and Minna and Barbi will be getting some winter clothes.


CL Supervisor Brenda Wilson also went on a shopping spree – Josh and Chris will be getting much needed undergarments, drinking glasses and silverware, plus a couple puzzles and games for fun.  Kaia and Jesica will be getting art supplies, clothes and warm blankets.

Your donation will make a huge impact on the lives of the individuals ACT supports:

  • $10 can go towards household supplies or toiletries
  • $25 can go towards transportation to and from work
  • $50 can go towards a professional outfit for a first time job seeker
  • $100 will buy a CPR mannequin to help maintain certification for 350 staff
  • $200 will go toward much needed dental work

Thank you for supporting the people we serve.