Amber Sartain

Amber Sartain

ACT Career Services (ACS) has a new employee. Amber Sartain joined the team as a Career Specialist in July. She loves her new gig.

Sartain is a student at Central Methodist University in Fayette. She recently changed her major from nursing to psychology. She is also working toward a minor in Applied Behavior Analysis.

She plans to get her Masters degree in the near future and become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

She was introduced to ACS employees at her former job. She quickly gained an appreciation for what Career Specialists did for the people she worked alongside.

Sartain says, “I planned to apply after I graduated, but decided not to wait.”

In her role with ACS she enjoys the challenge of making connections with businesses. She is also enjoying her coworkers. “These people are wonderful!” she exclaims.

Her favorite part of the job is seeing individuals in, what she describes as, the palm sweaty moment, when they decide for sure what their career goals are.

“It is so great to be a part of helping them figure that out,” she says.

From Boonville, she is one of nine children. And, she has a little girl who is two-and-a-half and “full of energy”.

“I have a large and diverse family. Maybe that is why studying behavior interests me,” Sartain says.

In her free time, her main hobby is homework. But she also makes sure to take time for her little one. She has also been teaching herself how to play guitar and hopes to get lessons soon.

Welcome to ACT, Amber! We are thrilled to have you on the ACS team.