At ACT, our goals are centered around ACT’s vision, mission, and values so we can help improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities, their families, and our community.


ACT’s vision is an inclusive community where everyone belongs, participates, and is valued.


ACT provides opportunities to individuals with disabilities as participating members of the community.


  • Innovative, person-centered supports
  • A safe and positive environment
  • A well-managed, efficient business
  • Stakeholder partnerships
  • A diverse culture where everyone is appreciated
  • Celebrating successes
  • A professional, well-trained, compassionate staff
  • Individuals exercising their right to self-determination
  • The involvement of family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers
  • The rights of individuals with disabilities

Our desire is for every person we serve to be valued in our community, and we incorporate that desire into every service we offer.

Goals for the Individuals We Serve

Our mission at ACT is to do what we can to see that each person we support is valued in our community. ACT programs are designed to help give individuals a sense of appreciation for the time they spend in the community, their roles and contributions as community members, and for their achievements in meeting personal goals.

Goals for the Mid-Missouri Community

At ACT, we envision a community that sees value in all individuals with disabilities who reside within, one that understands how beneficial diversity is for everyone. This means mindful social inclusion as well as a strengthened business community for mid-Missouri employers.

Goals for our Organization

We follow the best possible practices for delivering meaningful high quality services that meet the needs of those we serve and of our community. Our commitment to professional development within the organization allows us to continually work toward exceeding the expectations of those we serve.