img_0031ACT’s Day Program Activities Supervisor has been planning a trip to the St. Louis Zoo all summer long. Scheduled toward the end of September in hopes of cooler weather, Cummins was excited to finally fulfill the longstanding requests of many animal-loving individuals in the program.

“It ended up being 90 degrees the day we went. But everyone still really enjoyed seeing the animals and walking around the zoo,” Cummins says.

The group of 13 enjoyed seeing almost everything the zoo had to offer: rhinos, elephants, hippos, hyenas, fish, sea lions, chimpanzees, and the big cats.

img_0036They got to escape the heat by taking in the penguin exhibit, where the polar bears, puffins, and, of course, penguins are showcased; and the primate exhibit, too.

A favorite was the elephants, especially the adorable, playful calf. An adult elephant came close to the group to drink some water and caught everyone’s attention.

Thanks to one individual who is fluent in sign language, zoo goers learned how to sign the animals they saw.

One person on the trip had been waiting to go to the zoo for a while. He especially wanted to see the sting rays. He even brought his own money to ensure he got the chance to pet them.

img_0034“The trip went really well!” Cummins exclaimed. “Now that we are doing the monthly extended day trips, the individuals have more opportunities to go on these special trips and experience more things. We are able to meet more activity requests that are given in monthly team meetings.”