ACT employees joined together to raise funds for people supported in ACT’s Community Living (CL) Program. (Read more here:

Give A H.O.O.T. (Helping Our Own Together) was very successful, raising just under $1,000 in a brief time.

CL Manager Lynette Austin took the lead organizing the Give A H.O.O.T. effort.

Austin created and sold a cookbook filled with ACT employees’ favorite recipes. She also organized a bake sale for the campaign.

The money from the campaign was very well spent.

Josh and Chris at the Pumpkin Fest.

Allan got some much-needed dental care; Ae’Shionne went on a softball trip with his team; Patrick took a well-deserved (and fun!) trip to Six Flags; Abby traveled to the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis to see the Christmas lights; Dawn got to enjoy a nice meal out on the town; and Josh and Chris headed down to the Pumpkin Fest for some fall fun.

Many people might take for granted things like a day trip to St. Louis or a dinner out on the town. But these are rare treats for a lot of the people supported in CL. Their budgets are tight and disposable income for a fun activity is almost completely unheard of.

H.O.O.T. funds are a great way for individuals to get a chance to enjoy their community and achieve personal goals.